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Job title:   R & D assistant engineer

Responsibilities:    1. Cooperate with R & D Engineer in product development, and carry out small test and test under the guidance of R & D Engineer;
                              2. Cooperate with R & D Engineer to restructure the existing water-based acrylic emulsion products.
                              3. Responsible for collecting technical information about waterborne emulsion or waterborne coatings at home and abroad.
                              4. Responsible for assisting in market research and market coordination of waterborne acrylic emulsion products.
Job requirements: 1. Working experience: unlimited;
                              2. Education background: technical secondary school, junior college;
                              3. Professional requirements: Chemical Engineering, chemical industry, polymer, plastic processing, etc.

Job title:  
Special Engineering Plastics Modification Engineer
Responsibilities:       1. Implement the companys R & D management system and process;
                                 2. Be responsible for modifying the existing special engineering plastic products of the company;
                                 3. Be responsible for collecting technical information about modification of special engineering plastics at home and abroad;
                                 4. Be responsible for market research and market coordination of special engineering plastic products.
Job requirements:    1. Age: 25-45
                                 2. Academic requirements: junior college or above
                                 3. There are liquid crystal polymer (LCP), polyarylethersulfone (PSU, PES, PPSU), peek and other similar items
                                     Modification experience. Production experience, or understanding of downstream product application and market is preferred.

Job title:   Engineering plastics testing engineer
Responsibilities:       1. Implement the companys R & D management system and process;
                                 2. Carry out incoming material inspection, data statistics and output of inspection report;
                                 3. Sort out and summarize the test data information by category, and establish the relevant database;
                                 4. Operate and maintain TG, DSC, rheometer and other precision instruments;
                                 5. Daily maintenance of testing equipment and facilities;
                                 6. Other matters assigned by the superior.
Job requirements:    1. 25-35 years old, college degree or above, major in polymer materials, chemical chemistry or measurement and testing;
                                 2. More than one years experience in plastic industry is preferred, and fresh graduates are acceptable;
                                 3. Steady, careful, honest, interested in laboratory work, need to operate experimental instruments.

Job title:  Jockey
Responsibilities:       1. Assist the project manager to complete the pilot test response and get through the route;
                                 2. Complete other matters arranged by superior leaders.
Job requirements:    1. Chemical or material related disciplines;
                                 2. Pilot test or workshop production experience is preferred;
                                 3. Material modification experience is preferred;
                                 4. Forklift license is preferred.

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